Lily Sessions No.2

Times New Roman In A Stright Jacket Clay Model

Making Shapes Graphics

Posted 2020 3 9

MakingShapes Graphic

Thinking of Type

Posted 2020 3  8

Times New Roman In A Stright Jacket Clay Model

“A typeface is an alphabet in a strait jacket.” ~ Alan Fletcher
Clay figure inspired by quote, circa 2014.

Maria Bablyak

Posted 2020 2 8

Maria Bablak

Maria Bablyak is a wonderful artist producing work in a wide range of mixed media. We have been friends for a very long time and had discussed collaborating awhile back. Bablyak is based in America and posts her work regularly online. I wanted to explore the art and the artist coming together in this post, a digital collage of sorts. In her own words "An artist in her work. True, when I work I really am "inside" my artwork." 

This is the start of our collaboration in the mean time check out more of the artists work 

Instagram: Maria Bablyak

Lily Sessions No.1

Posted 2020 2 7

Lily Sessions Logo

Niall Finnegan contacted me recently asking if I would help him set up a singer song writer night in Clane, Co.Kildare. Being from the village I felt that would be a good opportunity to bring like minded people and some old friends together. We had the first session at the end of January, 2020. The night gave artists such as Ian Wright The Former Soviet Republic, Pete Kavanagh and Eoghan Burke Fia Rua a chance to perform new material in from of an intimate audience.  

Lily Sessions Eoghan Burke Fia Rua Performing

Eoghan Burke, Fia Rua.

Lily Sessions Pete Kavangh Performing

Pete Kavanagh.

Lily Sessions Ian Wright Performing

 Ian Wright, The Former Soviet Republic

The next date is planned for early March. If you would like to perform or hear more about it please get in touch, Our hope is that the sessions will be more a creative outlet with Poets and other forms of artist taking the stage. Building a community of artists will take us time but we are in it for the love of creativity and the good times. 

Lily Sessions Poster 2020 1 30

The Point of the Blog

Over the years I've agreed to various projects that have never seen the light of day. Lists of personal projects left incomplete and hoarded art supplies, like many creative people own, stock piled. The blog hopes to develop and act as a venting process releasing some of these works out into the world.

If you have an art project you would like me to work on please get in touch. These projects can be paintings, drawings, model making, mixed media, design work etc. Once finished they will become part of the blog or much more.