Making Shapes

Hi, my name is John Fogarty. I am an Irish Creative living in Co.Kildare, Ireland.
Making Shapes is my personal website where I show a range of my work and hopefully this shows my love and passion for Art, Craft and Design along with other forms of creativity.

A Dysleic Style Guide

Read Differently A Dyslexic Style Guide

This is a Dyslexic style guide and was the focus of my work as a final year student in the National College of Art and Design. I researched ways of improving reading quality for dyslexics. After writing my thesis on the subject I decided to design a book focusing on the branding guidelines from various Dyslexic Associations. This would show best practice for teachers and dyslexics alike when focusing on text, layout and font choice. 

ReadDifferently About Page
ReadDifferently type layout spread
ReadDifferently type layout spread
Read Differently A Dyslexic Style Guide Page Detail

Spreads showing the importances of paper type. 

ReadDifferently Expressing Type Spread

Other outcomes from my degree work came in the shape of a motion graphic covering the same subject matter as the style guide and a set of awareness posters to encourage people to think about some of the difficulties dyslexics have to work through when reading. 

Read Differently Poster Detail

ReadDifferently, poster detail showing ghost type.

A Tale To Follow

MakingShapes A Tale To Follow

For young children explaining a reading disability can be difficult. After all what we see and interpret can be vastly different from one another. A Tale to Follow focuses on a number of these descriptions such as the words shuffling on the page. The story follows a boy called Roger through his journey as he explains his difficulties, his personal solutions and most importantly his adventures when reading. When illustrating this book my real challenge was creating children friendly examples while inviting discussion with parents. 

A Tale To Follow Page Detail


A–Z of the Wiser typeface, Printed in the Distillers Press, Dublin, 2016.

Wiser Logo

I was commissioned by the Rediscovery Centre to design this logo and bespoke typeface for Wiser Life, who work with industrial spaces to exemplify reuse.  Designed for signage in the refurbished power station located in the heart of Ballymun.

Before starting I visited the location and took photographs of any signs and panels on site. My design later focused on these source images intending to keep a sharp and practical look to the letter forms. 

Wiser Life Typeface by Making Shapes

Blueprint for a Storm

Russell Mills Blueprint For A Storm Exhibition Poster

Exhibition Poster, 2016.

Designed by Conor Clarke at Department of Communication Design, NCAD 
Conor Clarke — Design & Typography
John Fogarty — Image Melts

I was honoured when asked by Conor Clarke to work on the artwork for a poster of a Russell Mills exhibition poster. As a result I got to deal with Mills directly and found he was very open minded when I distorted his art to create the dept in the poster above.

For more on this visit the 100archive

Business Powered by Design

PWC Business Powered By Design Calendar Illustration

Calendar Illustration for PWC

The theme of this PWC calendar was Business Powered By Design. Water charges were a continuous subject across the media at the time. Creating a silver lining felt like a fitting title for my illustration. The calendar was sent out to clients and staff in 2015.

PWC Business Powered By Design Calendar Illustration

Creating a silver lining 2020

Marvels of Science

Marshe's Library Marvels of Science Exhibition Poster

If you love books, type, illustration, craft, history and have not visited Marsh's Library in Dublin yet go to their website and pick a day to go visit. In their words:
"Step Into The Eighteenth Century. Unchanged for three centuries, this perfectly preserved library of the early Enlightenment, with its original oak bookcases, houses more than 25,000 rare and fascinating books."
As a student in BCFE I was honoured to win a completion for my design of the libraries 2012 exhibition poster for Marvels of Science, Books that changed the world. My love of digital painting in colour on the old books illustrations rings true here.

Marshe's Library Marvels of Science Exhibition Poster Detail

Exhibition Poster detail, illustrations take from books and digitally painted in colour,  2012.

Goodbye Lou

Good Bye Lou Reed Mixed Media illustration

Mixed media illustration, 2013.

You win some and lose some the above illustration didn't make the printing press for Hot Press in 2013's review of the past year. I still like this one and still miss all those stars as they pass on.